Google Changes Search to “Clean Up” Results

We’ve all experience a misinterpreted search. Whether you are looking for information about a health-related topic, or any of numerous other keywords, you feel like you are wading through tons of inappropriate sites that host porn images. It always seems… Continue reading

Why It’s Important to Secure Your Wireless Router

While there are a variety of security reasons to secure wireless access at work and at home, a new policy to stop copyright infringements is a major one. Many larger internet service providers have instituted a new Copyright Alert System,… Continue reading

Common Website Mistakes

Having a website is no longer enough to make you up to date and relevant. When was your site updated? What “feel” does your site have? Does your site make it easy to do business with you?

Here is a… Continue reading

Tips of How to use Linked In

Most of us know that Linked In is designed to be a business networking site, but how do you use it effectively?  We all know that it’s all about connections, but then what? You can have hundreds of business… Continue reading

Is the Internet Getting Full?

Well, sort of….The current system of internet addressing (similar to phone numbers) is quickly reaching its capacity. With everything from cell phones to televisions to gaming systems, and even refrigerators, connecting to the internet, the available addresses are quickly running… Continue reading

It is time to change your LinkedIn Password

When is the last time you changed your password on LinkedIn? If you are like most of us, a very long time. But, word is out that 6.5 million (yes, that million) passwords to the business networking site have been… Continue reading

How to Use LinkedIn for Your Career

Wondering how LinkedIn can help you achieve your career goals? Here’s an interesting story about a former football player who built a hugely successful business using the networking site. Full Story

Don’t like Facebook’s Timeline? There may be hope!

We’ve all heard the grumbling about Facebook’s timeline, and most have joined in. This year is turning out to be a tough one for Facebook, but they are listening. The company is reportedly working to redesign some current features. Full article.

Beware! A New Virus Spreads Via Facebook

Yet another virus is spreading via Facebook. Here’s a pretty technical article about the latest virus trends, but the bottom line remains the same. Always be very careful following links on Facebook and other social media sites. If it looks unusual, beware!

Why is Warren Buffett Buying Newspapers

In a world where most people see print newspapers as a dying breed, entrepreneur Warren Buffett is snatching them up at a quick pace. Why?  As with all business decisions, he as his reasons. See the full article.