Why It’s Important to Secure Your Wireless Router

While there are a variety of security reasons to secure wireless access at work and at home, a new policy to stop copyright infringements is a major one. Many larger internet service providers have instituted a new Copyright Alert System, also called Six Strikes.  Very generally, if your internet connection repeatedly downloads or file sharing of illegal content, such as pirated music or movies, for example, the provider will take measures to stop the illegal activity. These “mitigation measures” include redirecting your computer to educational pages about piracy, slowing down your connection, and ultimately discontinuing your internet service.

While you may adhere to the laws and not download illegal content, an unsecured wireless network allows others access. By simply driving near your business or your home, anyone can use a cell phone, tablet or laptop to access the internet and download anything from illegal songs or movies to pornography, and a variety of other content. While you did not break the law, your name (or your business name) is responsible.

In addition to these issues, an open wireless network is an invitation to criminal to steal your personal information. Bank logins, credit card information and other financial information is easily obtained by a hacker over an unsecured network.

Securing your wireless network is essential to your business and your personal home. Read more about the Copyright Alert System from the Center for Copyright Information, the group that has worked for more than four years to implement the program. If you are concerned about your business or home network, contact ProTech Solutions for a consultation.