Are you on Pinterest?

For those of you following the social media marketing race, Pinterest is the new place to be! According to Experian Marketing, Pinterest is now the third most popular social media site, after Facebook and Twitter.

According to Experian, Pinterest’s… Continue reading

Google Chrome is Top Browser, Briefly

Google Chrome, Google’s version of an internet browser, became the top browser used world-wide, even if it was just for a day. This is quite an accomplishment for the new kid on the block for internet browsers. Read article.… Continue reading

A Sign of the Times

I remember those big, heavy books with letters on their spines! We learned about nature, science, and a variety of other topics. But, alas, with the advent of the internet research and WIKI-pedia, today’s third graders will never know the… Continue reading

Concerned about Privacy and Google?

For weeks, the internet has been a-buzz with news of the new, “easier to understand” Google Privacy Policy. Google touts its new policy as simplified and easier to understand, but experts have concerns about its implications. In fact, some are… Continue reading

Are You Ready for Windows 8?

Microsoft has introduced a preview of  the next version of Windows, Windows 8. The preview is available now for download at

At first glance, this system appears to be a big change.Those with an iPhone,… Continue reading

Internet Community Opposes Pending Legislation

In an unprecedented move, the internet community banded together today to protest legislation scheduled for vote in the United States Congress. Thousands of sites, including Google, Wiki, and Firefox, participated in today’s protest.

The protest was aimed at the … Continue reading