Concerned about Privacy and Google?

For weeks, the internet has been a-buzz with news of the new, “easier to understand” Google Privacy Policy. Google touts its new policy as simplified and easier to understand, but experts have concerns about its implications. In fact, some are even questioning its legality in Europe.

Many online techies and journalists alike have explained the changes and what it means for each of us. Google insists the company is trying to enhance your internet experience. (See the Google explanation by CEO Eric Schmidt.)  Also, here’s a Los Angeles times piece that answers some common questions from Google’s standpoint. Or, if you dare, you can go to the actual privacy policy causing all the uproar. It is important to note that Google has always collected our browsing habits. That part is nothing new.

But, what can we do about these changes? Are we stuck? Should we stop using Google? Is that even possible?  Below are two articles that give you some practical advice for managing your online activities.


How To Minimize Online Exposure (Time Magazine)

Erasing your Web History (Huffington Post)